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Dear Sir / Madam,

We are a well-established manufacturer of various Dyeing Auxiliaries & Surfactants.
Up to present, over more than four decades, our company has been playing the leading role in the Surfactant-related market in Korea. Actually Dongnam Chemical has the longest history for surfactant field in Korea

Below, please find a brief products introduction and hope to help you got a rough understand of our company.

For Surfactants
Manufacturing of fatty alcohol nonionic surfactants by the addition of ethylene oxide to fatty
Especially we’re the only manufacturer of Ethoxylated fatty alcohols having narrow ethoxylation
distribution. In case of ENAZOL series, contains less unethoxylated alcohol, has less low EO
addition adducts and high EO addition adducts, and shows more focused properties compared
to those of conventional fatty alcohol ethoxylate.

Generally, we do have the ethoxylates of Lauryl alcohol, Fatty acid, Fatty amine, Nonylphenol... as emulsifier, wetting agent, dispersing agent as major products of Dongnam Chemical.

Equivalent of SPAN & TWEEN
PEG (200, 400, 600, 1000, 2000, 4000, 6000....)
EO/PO Copolymers
NRE (Narrow Range Ethoxylates)

For Household care
Base for Laundry Softener (Esterquat, Imidazolinium...)
Raw materials for shampoo, powder detergent, dish washer

For Dyeing Auxiliaries
Pre-treatments (Desizing agent, scouring agent, defoamer...)
Dyeing process (Dyeing auxiliaries like levelling agent, dispersing agent, carrier...)
After-dyeing process (Soaping agent, Softeners-Fatty amide, Silicone, Imidazolium..)

Our Strength
-Direct raw material sourcing(maker to buyer) leads to the price competitiveness.
-Strong position both in quality control by ISO9001 and product development
-The most prestigious award from government for ”Narrow ethoxylation distribution� product in Nonionic Surfactant.

Nonionic: 33,000MT Cationic & Anionic: 24,000MT

Export Rate
Asia: 55% North America: 30% Oceania: 5% Mideast:5% Others:5%

We sincerely hope to establish the business relationship with you in the near future.
Thank you very much for your time and attention.
I’ve attached our catalog for your reference,
We are looking forward to your early reply.

Yours Sincerely,
SH CHOI / oversea trading dept.
Tel. +82-32-450-3735 / Fax. +82-32-525-0104

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