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Henan hui run pharmaceutical co., LTD. Is engaged in animal medicine medicine material feed additives R&d and production of pharmaceutical intermediates and biotechnology products trade and import and export business of modern comprehensive enterprise Company has three production bases, the lower main veterinary API products are: camphor sulfonic acid sodium calcium kappa aspirin beauty kang aminophylline bethanechol chloride 2 tor amine atropine sulfate nitrate pralidoxime iodide pralidoxime chloride albendazole Finn benzene of azole etamsylate diacetyl amino acetic acid ethylene diamine (new clot spirit) isopropyl inosine deoxidization nou sodium Water soluble amoxicillin cephalosporins thiamethoxam cefuroxime sodium dexamethasone sodium phosphate and other apis There are new type of feed additives: guanidine acetate butyrate three glyceride sodium butyrate, etc
Production base:
Henan xin lee to biological technology co., LTD. Is located in henan kaifeng few district park road, covers an area of 100 mu, the transportation is convenient, the environment elegant By the ministry of agriculture veterinary medicine GMP authentication of the veterinary drug production enterprise, it can produce API ShuiZhenJi powder powder granule tablet disinfectants and other veterinary drug dosage forms apis are: aminophylline nika, lamictal for m star test fluorobenzene nicol, sulfanilamide between 14 varieties such as sodium methyl oxygen pyrimidine.
Professional focus go all out to work is our life style Is willing to provide you with the most professional consulting, to provide you high quality products look forward to cooperation with you, share interests, create brilliant.

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