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Kunshan Zhonglv Clean Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 in Kunshan, China. Its self-owned brand is known as CAE (Clean Air Explorer).

The improvement of consumers� actual use effect and reduction of use cost is our continuous pursuit.

Zhonglv warmly welcome users to put forward various customized needs of research and development, because your idea may change the industry.

Main products high-efficiency aluminum air inlet, air filter and fan filter unit (FFU).
Leading products of Zhonglv are:

AL HEPA BOX of Zhonglv is divided into three types according to filter replacement method, namely the integrated type, the upper type and the down type. Each type has unique features. Other optional functions include in situ pressure digital display, DOP detection, indoor air conditioning, large air flow, and intelligent APP functions etc. in situ pressure digital display. In situ pressure digital display, which is first invented at home and abroad, has applied for invention patents.

Zhonglv provides a whole series of filter: air filters graded ultra-efficiency, high-efficiency, efficient, Sub efficient, medium-efficiency and primary, chemical filter, high temperature resistant filter, V type air filter and tank filter. The product market of filter is mature and getting homogenous, but our products process more excellence in material supplier and manufacturing to provide users with more diversified choices.
FFU manufactured by Zhonglv is classic and durable, which strictly follows the bottom line of product parameters and removes the quality excess bubble.

With its equipment manufacturing team, the company succeeds in researching, developing and manufacturing multiple product lines, such as ‘the first automatic production line with partition in China�, and ‘fast no-partition folding line�, ‘precise double extrudate cutting machine � and ‘fast and automatic glue feeding line�.

Zhonglv will always make real-time improvement of equipment, materials and technology to meet your demand, dedicated to become the most professional total solution provider of cleaning technology.

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