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Sell: Silicone Rubber Primer 771
Date: 2017-09-11
Cas#: 110-82-7
Specification: 500ML
Quantity: Kilogram
Term: 365
Note: Silicone rubber Primer(treatment agent) is a specialized silicone rubber posted double-sided adhesive primer. It is used for silicone rubber chip with a high temperature, and then paste the double sided tape, double-sided adhesive can firmly attached to silicone rubber chip. This primers are widely applied in double-sided adhesive back, trademarks, labels glued to the silicone rubber like silicone rubber pad, rubber jewelry, and other silicone rubber products. Double-sided adhesive suitable which is suitable for this primer include 3M 9080, 3M 9448, Japan 5000NS, SONY T4000, SONY T4720, TESE4940 and so on.
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